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quilling herself to live...

your pretty face is going to hell

4 November
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you don't have a soul. you are a soul. you have a body.
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easy on the eyes. uneasy on the heart.
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Halo vet|CumberLady|HIM darling
JohnLock|Destiel|Kirk/Spock(Kock? =O)
Loki'd|Browncoat|Zombie rights activist
pierced|ink'd|dyed, lots
drinks Relentless relentlessly|talks to herself
realeyesrealisereallies|quilling myself to live
enjoys Time Lord tea parties
doing thangs, lotsa thangs
"i don't fight anymore. i watch the bees..."

i game, therefore i am
a scanner darkly, alienware, anders, anime, apocalyptic situations, assassin's creed, baking, batman, battlestar galactica, beauty and the beast, benedict cumberbatch, biffy clyro, bioshock, bioware, black books, blade 2, blue eyes, boogiepop phantom, bullet for my valentine, captain jack harkness, castiel, castle, charmed, cky, comics, cooking, crowley, damon salvatore, daniel lioneye, david tennant, dc comics, dean winchester, defiance, demonology, destiel, divine, doctor who, donnie darko, dragon age 2, edgar alan poe, egypt, electronic arts, emilie autumn, enter shikari, entwine, eric kripke, ernest cline, family guy, fanfiction, fear factory, final fantasy, finland, firefly, food network, galerians: rion, gaming, gigs, haggard, harry potter, helena bonham carter, hellblazer, hellsing, him, hollywood undead, horselover fat, iamx, invader zim, italy, j.r.r. tolkien, jack nicholson, jack the ripper, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jhonen vasquez, jim beaver, john winchester, johnny 3 tears, johnny depp, jthm, kingdom hearts, lego, lipgloss, loki laufeyson, manga, maple syrup, mark sheppard, martin freeman, marvel zombies, mass effect 2, matt smith, maybeshewill, merlin, metallica, misha collins, nero bellum, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, onegai teacher, orange flavoured anything, philip k. dick, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, portal, primeval, prison break, rapture, reading, red dwarf, sam winchester, sci-fi, scott pilgrim, scrubs, serenity, sherlock, sherlock holmes, skulduggery pleasant, snow, spiderman, spn, star trek, star wars, steampunk, stonehenge apocalypse, supernatural, tea, thane krios, the big bang theory, the book thief, the boondock saints, the halo universe, the marvel universe, the simpsons, the walking dead, tim burton, tom hiddleston, torchwood, transformers, vegetarians, video game design, ville valo, winter, world of warcraft, wrestling, writing, x-men, xbox360, young frankenstein, zombies